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The wisdom of your heart comes from the lessons in nature and takes wings in your creative expression

BeachWisdom Coaching

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I am returning to The Mermaid’s Purse -Topsail Island- after a pause to finish my Memoir

Time for You Tuesdays at The Mermaid’s Purse

Starting September 18, 2018 With 2 Introductory Sessions on August 21 & August 28

Each week will focus on a different topic of self-care/self-nurturing, self-discovery and self-expression. Each session will provide you with techniques, strategies and actions that honor, support and nurture you to make time for yourself and your passions in your life, fully experiencing your life through joy while creating the life you desire.

Time for You Tuesdays at The Mermaid’s Purse or contact me at or on Facebook @drmermaidspurse or @beachwisdom

August 21 –Make Room for You in Your Life: Strategies for Making Time for Yourself in Your Overflowing Life.

August 28 – Being Present: Mindfulness for Everyday

 Special Introductory Reduced Price $25 per session




FootSteps in the Sand

Walking you will become centered in the present moment and within yourself. Through the wisdom of the beach you will gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and become open to all the possibilities that exist within you. Learn to imprint a way of being in the world that is in alignment with your authentic self.

One-on one 90 minute session – $120

Bring a Friend (2 people) 2 hour session – $75 per person

Small Group (3-5 people) 2 ½ hour session – $50 per person



Dance Beyond the Breakers

Combining contemplation with action –you will learn to hear your inner voice, shed your inhibitions, and move to the rhythm of the waves. Pushing yourself beyond your limited beliefs you will gain a new perspective of yourself. Cultivate authentic self-expression that allows you to hear and dance to your own inner tune and have the confidence to dance beyond the breakers!

One-on one 2 hour session – $180

Bring a Friend (2 people) 2 ½ hour session – $90 per person

Small Group (3-5 people) 3 hour session – $60 per person


 Writing with the Waves

Using the ocean as metaphor to understand your story of where you have been, where you are, what lies deep within you, and all the possibilities of who you can be. You will become content and at peace with who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming.

One-on-one 90 minute session – $75   or   3- 90 minute sessions – $200

Bring a Friend (2 people) 90 minute session – $100 ($50 per person)

Small Group (3-5 people) 90 minute session – $35 per person


Beach Wisdom Transformational Life Coaching

Empowering you to make the changes you want to make in your life and to be all you imagine yourself to be. The wisdom of the beach will guide you into your own inner wisdom. I will guide and support you through the rising waves to open to the possibilities, to deepen and expand your understanding and vision, and as you shift and change and transform while creating the life you aspire to.

60 minute session – $125       90 minute session – $150


Sailing through Life Transitions

Shifting your sails to develop strategies to move through life transitions you are going through or a transition you desire to make in your life. You will learn to embrace change and break new ground while designing a new life journey and vision plan  for yourself and your life.

60 minute session – $123     90 minute session – $150


Creative Life Vision

Using various exercises you will develop a written and visual life plan that is aligned with your core values, your deepest desires, loves, and aspirations for yourself. This Creative Life Vision will guide you to be and do all you imagine for yourself. It will be easily changeable and adaptable as you grow and accomplish and open to new dreams throughout your life.

60 minute session with 3 follow up mini sessions (1/2 hour) $175