Welcome to BeachWisdom




The beach is a Magical and Spiritual place, It has the power to us, mind, body and spirit. Being on the beach inspires us to feel, touch, experience. It awakens our senses, our intuition, our joy. Connecting with the ocean, the sand, the sun, the breeze we open our heart and spirit connects us to the healing power within ourselves.

The beach is the place where we find ourselves, our connection to nature and to the world around us. There is so much to discover in the beach. It has the natural wonders of life on earth. Yet it’s wisdom goes beyond and deeper than just the earth itself, it shows us the depth of oneself while also connecting you with the infinite source.

Being on the beach, has a positive impact on our physical, mental and emotional well-being.  The health benefits of the ocean include: boosting immunity, improves sleep, lowers stress and anxiety, assists with pain management, increases vitamin D and magnesium levels, improves skin, inflammation and infection. Being on the beach provides grounding, disconnection so you can reconnect, compassion, connectivity, sparks creativity and just adds fun and joy into your spirit.

Full of mystery and power the ocean/beach provides calmness and hope.

As I expand this website, I will fill these pages with information about the beach and wisdom from the beach to bring your soul alive.  Please explore and enjoy the information and ideas as I expand and develop BeachWisdom 

Here are some beach pictures of the beach I live at, and from some of the beaches I have been to in my travels