Beach Programs

Soul Walking Sessions                     

During Soul Walking Sessions take you on a mindful walk in the beach where you will awaken your senses, being alert to the signs of nature. You will pay attention to what you are drawn to, what speaks to you, the sounds around you. You will collect any items you find along the beach that speak to you. When you return we will interpret the messages that you received and how they guide you to what you need to know in this moment and whatever questions you need answers to.

Soul Walking is a program that uses the beach/ocean/ sea shells and objects found on the beach for guiding you to use your intuition to discover insight into yourself or any situation you are asking about.

$60 session last about 90 minutes


BeachWisdom Mentoring Sessions

These sessions are designed to guide you into learning to navigate your own spiritual journey of life. Assisting and guiding you into deepening your connection to yourself, your heart and soul. Allowing you to trust your own intuition, inner guidance and wisdom to emerge fully and authentically in your life.


Beach Walking Talks        $40 an hour

Beach walking mentoring sessions, we will become present, through mindfulness walking. Each session will focus on whatever is on your mind that you wish you talk about. My focus will be compassionate listening, guiding you to your own inturition to find a solution or be able to be at peace with what is at the moment. We may incorporate enrgy heaing and other intuitive tools.

Beachside Chats             $40 an hour

Beachside Chat mentoring sessions begin with a mindfulness meditation, Each session will focus on the situation, topic or aspect of your life you are currently wanting to change, deveolp or address in your life. I will listen with compassion, hear what you are saying and what you are feeling.  Each session will be directed by you and guided my my intuirtion and inner guidance. Each session may include journaling, reiki healing, ocean healing or other intuitive guidance and techniques.



Sea Shell Reiki on the Beach Healing Sessions


Sea Shell Reki enhances the Reiki energy by connecting with the energy of nature and the Sea Shells. The energy of the ocean and shells enhance the experince of healing.  This is an experience that will center you and relax you. It makes a perfect start to your vacation at the beach. Or end your beach vacation and take the healing powers of the ocean and beach home with you. 

Laying on the ground (on a towel) with Reiki preformed around and above you. Different Reiki energized Sea Shells are placed around you or on you. If you have any shells that you feel connected to our have found on the beach you can bring them with you to include. 


Sitting in a chair with your feet in the water to also include the energy heaing of the ocean. You can hold a sea shell in your hands or place it on your lap. You will choose the sea shell from my collection or bring one of your own that you feel connected to.


 60 minute Reiki Session  $60

Note: Sea Shell Reiki will be done inside when it is not weather permitting outside. You may also request an inside reiki session if you prefer the privacy. 


Writing with the Waves

Using the ocean as metaphor to understand your story of where you have been, where you are, what lies deep within you, and all the possibilities of who you can be. You will become content and at peace with who you have been, who you are and who you are becoming.

One-on-one hour session – $60

Bring a Friend (2 people) 90 minute session – $100 ($50 per person)

Small Group (3-5 people) 90 minute session – $35 per person


Listening to the Waves Journal Writing

Slow down, relax and experience the beach in a way you never dreamed possible. Learning to practice mindfulness, paying attention, being in the present moment. Using the ocean waves to listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. Using Mindfulness Meditation to become present with and listening to your hearts feelings and true desires.

Small Group (3-5 people)  $25 each 60 minute sessions


Waves of Abundance and Joy

Connect with Nature, Be in the Present Moment, connect to Your Inner Spirit, Connect with the Joy in Your Heart, be in the Flow if Abundance (More info to come)

Small Group (3-5 people)   $25 each 60 minutes sessions