The Crane’s Bag: Sacred Ocean Medicine Bag

If you are like me, and love the ocean, when you go to the beach, you collects shells, sea glass, coral, rocks and anything else interesting you find at the beach. Maybe you have a special jar you put them in, or a table you place them on.

Every piece you pick up and collect has several purposes for you: a memento, a story to tell you about itself and life, a message for you from your intuition or the universe. It can be/become a symbol of your very essence.

It contains its own energy that resonates with your own energy. The energy from these objects can be withdrawn whenever you need to renew your personal energy.  Healing energy from the ocean, healing gifts of art, music, solace and love to you whenever you need it.

Symbolically, the Crane Bag or Medicine Bag contain the needs of your soul. It has its own unique personality, energy and relationship to you.

As we begin a new year, it is time to examine your bag, consider what you are keeping in it, what still resonates with your soul. It may be time to return some items back to the sea to be renewed and revived, and it may be time for you to add some new items that connect with the person who you are ow and who you are becoming. Maybe you just need to reconnect with portions of your soul that you have disconnected with.

This extends to the things in your closet and dressers, as well as to what you have surrounded yourself with in your home. Consider what is aligned with your soul and what no longer empowers you or brings you healing, joy or magic.

Some things will need to be redistributed, and recycled, others will need to be changed out. Keep only what brings you healing, peace, joy or magic.

What items are in your Crane’s Bag?  

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