About BeachWisdom

BeachWisdom is created to teach you about the ocean, Ocean Magic, and the Healing and Guiding that the ocean and beach can provide for you. It is both educational and fun. 


About Me

Cathy Tesote

Author, Women’s Personal and Spiritual Growth & Development Teacher Coach Mentor, Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Master, Inter-faith Minister, Journaling Coach

I believe in the power of the beach and ocean to provide us with everything we need to connect with ourselves at our deepest truest self, guiding us to hear our own intuition to the answers  we seek. I have been drawn to water all my life. I may have started my spiritual healing journey in the woods but it was the beach where it all fell together. The Beach and Ocean are an oracle guide into your heart, to hear you intuition, to know yourself and to create a way of life that is in connection to nature and your authentic self.

Nature is healing. For me the ocean is where I hear the wisdom deep from withing myself and is my connection to the divine wisdom. there is no better place to become your authentic self and learn how to lead a soul-filled life.

I offer coaching/mentoring, classes and workshops  on the beach  using nature as a guide to mindfulness, peace, contemplation, intuition, healing, connecting with yourself, with divinity deepens each coaching/mentoring session or workshop. I cannot imagine any better place to offer these programs of connection, authenticity, spirituality, healing, transformation, then on the beach that is home to me.