Sea Shell Enegy and Messages

I have always loved finding sea shells on the beach. Sea Shells have been like finding a gift or message from the ocean. I have often owndered what they were telling me. When I finally moved to the beach, I started feeling the energy of each shell I found. I reflected on why I was drawn to the shell, what it might mean to me.

At The Christine Center, I had a program I had taught where the women took a ‘soul walk’ in the woods paying attention to the aspects of nature that they were drawn to. On returning from the walk the exercies was to write a short story or poem about the experience inturperting the messages they had received.

On moving to the beach, I guickly adapted that to my beah walks and to the shells, rocks, sea glass and objects I found along my walk as well as anything else, sights, sounds, smells that I noticed along my walk. I have used during my coaching and mentoring programs I have been doing.

Covid, of course, stopped all in person programs although everyone came to the beach, I stepped back from coaching and meentoring as my regular job became all consuming at that time. I now am excited to be stepping back into my passion and soul’s work of mentoring and teaching spiritual practices, self-care, self-discovery and self-expression empowering women to lead an authentic soul-filled life. 

Spirituality and the Ocean is the essence of who I am. As I am rediscovering this path, I have become fasinated with the energy and messages of sea shells. I have connected with an amazing women who’s life’s work has been learning the meaning of sea shells and thier messages to us in guiding our path. 

As I learn from others, I know that my own unique understanding of the lessons of the ocean and the messages of sea shells is imporant to cultivate and share with others. 

This is a work in development, but one I am anxiuos to share as I combine my own persoanl understanding, mixed with some learning from others, and with energy  and energy healing techniques, mindfulness, coaching/mentoring methods and just the pure joy of the beach and ocean. 


Sea Shells hold the life energy of the ocean and the creatures who inhabited the shell, but they also assit us in listening to our own inner knowing and inturition to discover personal messages that help us understand who we are, who we are meant to be, and how to make changes or be aware of our surroundings or acceptance of what is. And much more. 

Though each sea shell has inherent meanings, the meanings that are meant for you may begin with those universal meanings but it is your own connection to the energy of the sea shell and your interpretation of the message that is important. 

Shells that you find, choose and that you connet with and like provide you with confidence, inner strength and peace. Each shell is beauty and helps us see the beauty within ourselves. Even broken shells have beauty and remind us to that nothing is perfect and we and life are still beautiful. When we create an alter of shells or however you arrange your shells, they are from beauty but also for sacred energy, protection and to bring us peace, wonderful memories and joy. 

Some of the Messages of Sea Shells

Conch Shells are used to attract postive energy. They also represent communication, messages, announcements. 

Cowrie Shells have been used for currency and can be used to call in wealth and abundance. They also represent the third eye chakra and the calling in of spiritual advice. Jingle shells have also been used for currency/coins and represent weath and prosperity. 

Natilus Shells are used for meditation for grounding and clarity. They can represent true purpose, growth and renwal. They represent change, progress and new horizons,

Scallop Shells are used for manifestation. They represent choices and connections. 

Albone Shells are used for cleansing and protection during smudging rituals. The represent peace, healing and connection. Olive shells are also represent healing and cleansing.

Whelk Shells represent making postive changes in your life.

Snail Shell represents travel and movement.







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